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Developing successful extractive projects has a direct connection with the knowledge and type of relationship you have with the territory you interact with.

This knowledge and interaction is a key factor to:

  • Develop a feasibility plan with robust information to minimize delays and cost overruns in the construction and operation phase.
  • Obtain and maintain a Social License to Operate.
  • Anticipate risks and know threats on time. 


But what is territory? What does it involve?

  • The sum and interaction of all the involved actors, events, rights, legislation and policy, among others, in an area… over time.



CHR is an IT company with more than 20 years in the Chilean market, helping our customers develop and operate projects with an intense land use and interaction.

Our mission is to eliminate information asymmetries for sustainable project development in time and budget, in an everyday more complex Earth.

They’ve trusted us

Our work


Depending on the stage of your project, we handle territory through services customized for your needs.






  • Find locations that meet your business criteria 
  • Select, evaluate and prioritize areas for the development of your project
  • Know your area and all the actors, events, rights, legislation and policy
  • Monitor changes over time, anticipate risks and act on time
  • Plan and create your optimal site and land use strategy
  • Process permits and negotiations with online tracking
  • Manage your land assets digitally 
  • Audit and due diligence to evaluate territory in a transaction
  • Outsource internal land areas

Our data integration model to generate land knowledge

We find, collect, spatialice, process and analize data such as:

  • Land Ownership
  • Nonpossessory land rights
  • Indigenous
  • Social groups
  • Water
  • Environmental
  • Maritime
  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Regulations
  • Public services
  • Prices and valuations
  • + More!

Contact us, will be delighted to hear your land needs.